Florence and the machine

In Tune With Your Inspiration

How do you find inspiration?

Inspiration is something that helps ignite your creativity from within. Inspiration can strike at any moment and can come from everything that surrounds you in life; books, art, people, music, travel, etc. I always find that when something inspires you, you will always have that to lean on when you fall into obstacles that stifle your creativity.

For me music is always my go to for inspiration. When I started writing I originally did it to tune out any surrounding distractions {aka my husbands obsession with the history channel} but now I can’t seem to write without it. What I listen to all depends on what I’m writing, although right now I seem to be on a Florence and the Machine kick.

When I work my way through a novel I always listen to music that will reflect on my character’s mood or if I need help setting a scene.

A piece of my book takes place in New Orleans but I was having a hard time setting the scene since I had never been there. So after subjecting myself to a million You Tube videos that portrayed the streets of New Orleans through other people’s eyes, I just wasn’t getting what I needed.I couldn’t quite place myself there.

So instead I turned on some New Orleans jazz and created my own New Orleans.

Have you ever watched a movie with no music in it? Of course not!

A movie without music would be dull and dreary. Obviously when people read my book there is no soundtrack that comes along with it {although that would be rad – maybe I should add that to my marketing plan}. It is my job as the writer to try my best to set a memorable scene. One that you will want to read over and over again. With music the beautiful words and sounds pour into our ears and help shape the story we are trying to tell.

Because let’s face it, life without music is just mundane!

Listen up – and get inspired!

Here is just a few of the many bands that inspire me…

Florence and the Machine

Lana Del Ray


One Republic


The xx

Billie Holiday


Matt Costa

The Beatles

Death Cab for Cutie

Ellie Goulding


Of Monsters and Men