Your Writer’s Desk


Before I began writing I would have envisioned an author working on their novels while sitting behind an antique oversized mahogany desk… settling down into their obscenely overpriced Hermes leather office chair that surpasses all ergonomic standards… sipping on their extra hot cappuccino while surrounded by a vast library filled with books written by their favorite authors as well as instructional books that pertain to writing.

Well… that all sounds absolutely amazing – It is not at all how I write.

I live in a teeny, tiny, two-bedroom house, and we are busting at the seams. My two children share a room and between all the toys and necessary furniture there is no room for my “writer’s desk” I had once dreamed of, at least not yet anyway. Once I became an obsessive reader, my one and only bookshelf filled up quite fast {post Kindle}.

So I have found my favorite place to write – in my bed.

I prop up my pillows, {leather chair} and open up my laptop tray, {mahogany desk} and either do my necessary research online or on my Kindle, {Vast Library}.

This process is only successful at night. During the day if I actually have a childless moment to write, I have to do it somewhere else. If I don’t, either the dirty laundry calls to me from down the hall or the kitchen is begging for a good cleaning.

So I head down to the local Starbucks in the circle. Luckily it isn’t just your ordinary wood and slate Starbucks. It is located in an old 1930’s bank building. The ceilings are vaulted and there are lath and plaster columns surround the seating area. It is an extraordinary building. I am a sucker for anything old and historic.

I recently stumbled upon this magical place called Ink&Bean – a coffee saloon and wordshop. It is located in downtown Anaheim.

( 155 W Ctr St Promenade Anaheim, CA 92805)


I cannot tell you how excited I am that I found this little gem! From the moment you walk in you are inspired to write. The walls are lined with antique typewriters, and there are book light strings from the celling. At the register there is a chandelier of books with a light through the middle {which I was mentally dissecting and figuring out how to make!} I can’t wait to get in there and write!


Last night on Twitter I found an article the author Andrew Flynn had tweeted about: How Amtrak is testing a “writer’s residency” program. It seems they want to offer free rides to writers so they can well… write! It sounds amazing and inspiring to sit on a train and write. Just think of all the characters that board the train and what inspiration you could draw from them! I hope this actually happens but if not I will hop on a train one day and try it – why not?!

I would love to hear where your favorite places to write are. Maybe you will inspire other writers who are in a slump and need something fresh and new for their writing.

Tell me, where is your writer’s desk?

Amtrak Article

Ink & Bean

Life Is A Great Balancing Act – Dr. Seuss

ImagePrincess Victoria c.1919

  A quote from one of my favorite children’s books that I read to my kids quite often. It is full of advice that I have to remind myself of on a daily basis. I find it hilarious how such a simple children’s book can be used as inspiration through your adult years. Everyone should take the time to re-read Oh The Places You Go. I promise it will validate all those feelings you have been having or the things you are going through right now.

My friends and clients always ask me, “How do you do it? Do you ever sleep?” I just laugh a little and say, “There are 24 usable hours in a day.” (Seriously though, who really needs sleep?) Not only do I work full-time and have two children, I am also creatively driven. By creatively driven I mean I am either sewing a new dress for my daughter, making some sort of shower/party decor, shooting family photos, or reading and/or writing a novel. They all have one thing in common: They are driven by passion.

Recently a client of mine made me realize that my crazy life was the result of being passionate about everything I do. I must say I never really thought about it that way, but she was right. Whether I am obligated to it or just doing it for fun, I take the time to dedicate, follow through and finish it. I have the passion to create, the passion to do the best I can do, and the passion to learn.

The truth is I have absolutely no clue how I balance it all! (Although I’m sure being a woman might have a little something to do with it). At any given moment I could have a nervous breakdown and lock myself away in a closet – but I don’t. At least I know the closet is there if I need it! It doesn’t help that my mind frequently takes off into the unknown; that I can’t control. I am always off in “great idea” land. My husband always laughs at my neurotic thoughts or entrepreneurial ideas but I know he loves and supports all of them. After all, it is what makes me – me.

“The bang-ups and hang-ups can happen to you…”

In life we all know a thing or two about bang-ups and hang-ups, I’m sure. It is unavoidable. In writing, “The bang-ups” (AKA rejection) are part of the process. Today I received my first, of many I’m sure, rejection letters to come. I think since I prepared myself for it, it wasn’t such a hard hit. When I began writing my book, I was really just trying to see if I could do it. I soon realized I had found another creative outlet that I became strongly passionate about. One more thing to balance!Ha! I’m sure I will hit many more bumps in the learning process but that’s life.

I will continue on {rejections or not} and do what I love to do. Be creative!

So always remember this quote when you need something to keep going…

“And will you succeed? Yes! You will indeed! (98 and 3/4percent guaranteed)” – Dr. Seuss