Month: May 2014

My Life Lately

So I’ve been missing from my blog for some time but I promise not without good reason. I’m stuck in the world of editing –– “Serenity Now!”

I’m not going to lie, it’s rough. Like I want to cry, throw my computer at the wall or sometimes even hit “select all” and click “delete” kind of rough! Okay so I am a little dramatic but I guess that’s one thing that drives my passion for writing –– emotion.

It is not my favorite part of the writing process but it is necessary to create a “polished manuscript” as they say. When I first started writing I believed a polished MS to be something that you wrote, revised, sent off to be checked for grammar and spelling errors (compliments of my friend Erin) and you were as good as gold,     right? . . . Ha! Not even close!

Thanks to my Twitter writer friends, I have learned there is so much more . . . By the way, Twitter is another thing to blame for my absence from this blog. It’s like a drug (the information drug) and you can never get enough. Between all of the support between writers and links to click on and learn from –– the addiction is endless.

So my MS is currently in the hands of the great author S.A. Jeffery and once I get it back from her, I will send it off to the next Beta . . . and so on. Until then the only thing left to be said about it is, “I loved it and can’t wait to see it in print!”

I must continue to slave away until it is in the best possible condition to be sent out to agents. That’s a whole other beast to tackle but I’m just trying to stay focused on polishing it right now. It’s stressful, but whenever I’m stuck or frustrated and need a break –– I read!

If you are need of some killer book recommendations you should head on over to:

The Mad Hatters Book Party or on twitter @AimiJeffrey

Aimi reads more books than anyone I know, so I live vicariously through her ‘goodreads’ list, which is insane.


-C.C. Ford