It’s just the beginning…

Why not start a blog…

Wait, but who will want to listen to my neurotic, random thoughts?

Maybe – just maybe I could meet some others who are just as crazy as me.

 I went back and forth for a while on the many pros and cons of starting a blog – the pros won.

 I am making a commitment to my blog.

I promise to write once a week and hopefully over time, gain a few followers/fellow writers that may be interested or inspired by what I have to say. Or maybe they will inspire me. Surrounding yourself with other writers seems to be the logical thing to do in order to learn and grow in the craft. It is truly invaluable.

 I am new to this writing force that has erupted and become impossible to stop. It all began with a dream…

 I know what you’re thinking… “what a f-ing cliche”

 It’s for real people, these things happen and you should listen to them. You never know where it will lead you.

I had a dream/vision or whatever you want to call it, of a boy with a tattoo that slowly spread across his chest.

 Lucas was born.

 I’m in shock at how quickly a story can develop with one random thought. Once you open your mind and let the story unfold and progress, you just need to write it down! Sounds easy right?

 I did research on how to start a novel and what I needed to do to begin.

I tried to plot – character develop – write dialogue, but I became quickly frustrated and uninspired to write. It was a complete roadblock. For me, I couldn’t plot out a story that hadn’t happened and develop characters that didn’t exist yet. How in the hell were these people supposed to have conversations with one another when you had no idea what they were like?

 I am by no means saying this works for everyone, all I am saying is that you don’t always need to follow the rules when starting your story. Do whatever you want and enjoy every minute of it – the story will follow. If anything, let the creativity sparks fly and if it has been your long lost dream to write, don’t wait – just do it!

 My latest inspirational writing book:

 WONDERBOOK by Jeff Vandermeer

The illustrated guide to creating imaginative fiction.

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